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But that really doesn’t have much to do with the Live HD Pornstars website that I wanted to talk about. but the same time I really don’t want to talk about it that much, that’s why I posted as you can see in the line of words above a contextual link that will take you to that very website, so that you can snoop around and see for yourself what I’m talking about, this is something very important, simply because it is the best thing that has ever happened to the adult payment business and I would like you to witness it with your own eyes.

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What about it? It has been going on for at least two years where one specific website is having these Pornstars on Webcam fuck like if it were a porn video, because that is exactly what it is with the only small difference, well that is a big difference that these porn videos are being watched by hundreds of thousands of members while they are actually happening and that is why this is by far the biggest porn sensation that the Internet has ever experienced since the World Wide Web became commercial.


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Also I noticed that there is on the web today a specific Porn Videos Links website that has quite the buzz on the street, this happens to be a porn video website that offers just that but with the difference than other websites is that all the porn videos that you can watch for free on this website have never been shown anywhere else on any other website on the World Wide Web up to date.

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Well it’s all based on how popular they are, for example one of those Pornstars that I can name for example Phoenix Marie, for an anal scene she will get paid roughly $4000, but she is at the top of the list, this girl here in the photograph is an average porn model and therefore to take a cock up her ass for roughly an hour, she will get paid about $1500-$2000, however many of the girls gets to do different scenes during a day’s work and can earn up to $6000.

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How often do they work? Well that is a very good question, most of them work once a month others work once a week and some are on a roll and will work once every other day pulling at least $60,000-$100,000 in just one month. The girl that you see in the photograph above is quite popular for Anal Porn Videos and it seems that while she is specializing and that is what get them paid the most.

Then there are other features, like getting pissed on is an additional $450, fisting is also paid extremely well especially if it is anal fisting, some of the girls get an additional $1200 for that alone.

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That’s what they told me roughly 9 months ago and after that not just one but two and then three of my coworkers that had tried this Live Pornstars service told me that it was the best thing that they had ever seen in the adult entertainment business, I decided that I should take a look at it as well and that’s what I did back then.

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I was delighted that I did, I was expecting the usual and same old Live Porn website, however I was shocked to see that there was famous porn models in age and every single one of the live performances, I was actually sitting down and watching Phoenix Marie that happens to be by the way one of the top 10 most popular pornstars in the world today actually having sex with a black dude that had a 20 inch cock and all of that was happening while I was watching it in real-time in other words it was a live porn video starring one of the world’s most famous porn models.

I was stunned also at the price, I couldn’t believe that I actually got to see that show for less than a dollar, I got to see two hours of incredible live porn, let me correct myself actually that was a Live Pornstar Shows I got to see it for $.99, so I took the full membership at $29.99 per month and I got to see 45 live shows basically that’s what happens every single month and you get all that for pennies.