I was actually very surprised While searching on Google for ex-girlfriends photographs among all those websites that were featuring fake ex-girlfriends which in reality are all Hot Pornstars I actually did run into a website next offered ex-girlfriend photographs and selfie’s, and therefore I wanted to share that website with you today because after an hour that I was on it and I went and visited mostly every single category I came to the conclusion that it is something that everybody needs to see if you like that kind of thing.

ex gfs

So what they offer are real Hot Ex Girlfriends posing in selfie’s or mirror shot mostly in fitting rooms or bathrooms, in most cases the girls are naked or in their panties and in some cases in sexy lingerie.

You can become a member simply by signing up at no cost and start posting your ex-girlfriend photographs as well, how 20% of the photographs actually reaches that page, the remaining 80% comes from what they call a Hot Girlfriends Selfies web scraper, basically what it does it goes around all social media network from Facebook all the way down to the least popular social media platforms and it will scrape out all the photographs of girls in selfie shots and then the editors on that website will pick out the best and post them on a daily basis.